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04 March 2024

IN CASE: Employment Law Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter looks at an array of recent cases and considers a broad spectrum of topical issues of relevance to business owners, senior executives and HR Professionals.

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IN CASE: Employment Law Newsletter

February 2024

Case Report – Mr Charles Wilkinson v Areaworks Group Limited & Ors


It has been reported that around £5 billion of the £60 billion spent on the coronavirus job retention scheme during the pandemic went to organised crime gangs or fraudsters. In this report, we discuss a case that we recently took before the London Central Employment Tribunal, where the central issue involved an allegation that an employer has been abusing the furlough scheme.
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Depression/anxiety disorder and work


Long term illness and redundancy are frequently seen as being hand-in-hand. We’ve compiled a guide for employees who are tackling depression/anxiety disorders at work with tips on who to speak to and when…
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Can a settlement agreement be used to validly settle future claims?


To what extent can a settlement agreement be used to waive future claims from an employee? We’ve reviewed a suite of recent cases linked to this topic and provide context to this debate
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Holiday pay and entitlement reforms in 2024


The recent case of Harpur Trust vs Brazel 2022 brought to light a number of issues that needed countering when it comes to holiday pay and annual leave calculations. Our summary captures the background, the challenges, and additionally includes handy guidance for communications with impacted irregular and part-year workers
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Guest Feature from our Reputation Management team.

Non-Disclosure Agreements: A reputational asset or liability?


With a suite of high-profile cases involving Trump, Weinstein and Sir Philip Green in recent years, the term NDA is increasingly present. We take a look on whether they’re a help or a hindrance in this piece and share thoughts on how enforceable they really are in the UK
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