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10 May 2023

Payne Hicks Beach’s family lawyers included in the Spear’s Family Lawyers Index 2023

Payne Hicks Beach is delighted to see ten of its expert family lawyers ranked in the Spear’s 2023 Family Lawyers Index, the prerequisite resource for high-net-worth individuals searching for the best family lawyers in the UK.

According to Spear’s “the best family lawyers combine legal knowhow with an emotional understanding of a client’s situation, getting the best results for them while minimising the stressful aspects of the process.”

The latest edition of The Spear’s Family Lawyers Index writes that “Top Flight” Fiona Shackleton “is Britain’s most feared and revered divorce lawyer” and that “it’s not just Spear’s saying this, but her peers in the profession too.” The index highlights that Fiona is “probably the greatest family lawyer of all time.”

Rebecca Cockcroft, head of Family, Philip McGuirk and Simon Beccle are “Top Recommended” lawyers.  Matthew BoothCatherine CostleyNick MannersBen Parry-Smith and Sarah Williams are “Recommended” lawyers, and there is an inaugural ranking for Joshua Moger as a “Rising Star”. 

Linked below with kind permission, this year’s Spear’s Family Lawyers index 2023 includes:

Baroness Shackleton – ‘Top Flight’ with a focus on very high profile cases

Rebecca Cockcroft – ‘Top Recommended’ with a focus on work for A-list clients

Simon Beccle – ‘Top Recommended’ with a focus on milestone legal cases

Philip McGuirk – ‘Top Recommended’ with a focus on high-value financial remedy cases

Matthew Booth – ‘Recommended’ with a focus on matrimonial and Schedule 1 cases

Catherine Costley – ‘Recommended’ with a focus on divorce and financial matters

Nick Manners – ‘Recommended’ with a focus on child law and financial remedy

Ben Parry-Smith – ‘Recommended’ with a focus on child relocation/abduction and divorce

Sarah Williams – ‘Recommended’ with a focus on surrogacy and adoption

Joshua Moger – ‘Rising Star’ with a focus on children and pre and post-nups

The Spear’s Family Lawyers Index 2023 is drawn up on the basis of peer nominations, client feedback, telephone and face-to-face interviews, data supplied by firms, as well as information gathered by the Spear’s editorial and research teams. It forms the core of the Spear’s 500, the key reference bible for HNW advisers.

For further details see the best family lawyers list for high-net-worth individuals as published online in The Spear’s Family Law Index 2023.