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What it is, who and how we can help

Mediation is a form of non-court dispute resolution. An identified mediator will work with a couple to help guide them towards an agreement over issues around the separation of their finances or in relation to their children. The mediator will have professional training as a mediator and may or may not also have legal training.

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Mediation is a more informal method of finding a solution to a dispute and the process of going through mediation can help a couple learn to work together in the future. A mediator cannot impose a solution upon a couple but will work with them to guide them to reach their own agreement.

The content of mediation is confidential. This means that if mediation is unsuccessful and a subsequent application to court is necessary then neither party can refer to what happened during mediation.

Matthew Booth who sits within our family team is a qualified mediator and can take on mediation cases at our offices. We also have a broad range of expert mediators that we work with frequently and that we can work with together with you.


No. A mediator cannot impose a resolution upon the parties.

If you reach an agreement in relation to a financial matter then this will be converted into a Court Order. In relation to disputes over children matters it will depend on the circumstances on whether a court order is required – in some circumstances it will be possible to simply record the terms agreed in a Memorandum.

No. The content of mediation is confidential and any concessions made in mediation will not be referred to in any subsequent proceedings.

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