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Breach of Confidence

"Payne Hicks Beach is well regarded for its ability to handle high-stakes reputational and defamation matters. A firm that understands high net worth clients and looks after clients very well. They're an excellent firm specialising in this tier." Chambers HNW 2021

When information is shared in confidence, you expect it to remain confidential.

It can be damaging to your business and/or reputation when confidential information is disclosed to a third party. The law of confidence can be used to prevent information being disclosed, and to obtain compensation if information is disclosed unlawfully.

Examples of confidential information can include employee files, client-lists and medical records. However, it can also cover information that is personal such as private correspondence. The Court will apply what it calls ‘an intense focus’ on the facts of each individual case.

We have acted in numerous legal actions involving breach of confidence and are able to advise on the best course of action depending on the individual circumstances of each case.